Peter’s confession about Jesus


(Gospel Mt 16:13-23)

Matias Darwin simanjorang

Dear friends, the world is a theatre’s stage or an opera house. Every moment and ever time we play one different character. Some might be coherence and compatible to others but some are truly opposite.

In the first part of Mathew’s Gospel we read the dialog between Jesus and the disciples. Jesus asked them about what they have known; they have heart people said about him. The answer was varied and no one was satisfactory. Then, Jesus continued to ask who the disciples say that he is. Peter spoke up “You are the Christ, the Messiah, and the Son of the Living God”. What Peter have said is completely true and it is the best answer ever.

In contrast, in the second part of this Gospel we read the same person did what is opposite to the first. Peter understood that the Messiah, the Christ is never – ever compassion in to our suffering. He thought that the Son of the Living God must be stay in the high place full of glory and never fall to suffer, even a very small one. Peter in one hand understood who Jesus is but on the other hand he didn’t. In some moment he did the will of God but in some moment he did his own will.

Dear friends, the same question Jesus asks us today, “Who do you say I am?” What is our answer? Which character do we play to answer this question? I guess we are like Peter, here, some times, we say that Jesus is Christ and we praise him with prays and songs. We are happy together with the rest of the community of God. And Jesus says to us at that moment “You are a happy people”. But, some time we may play others characters. Some back to their habits, alcohol and drugs is the most important things. Some say that free sex is the most enjoyable thing to do, and so on. We tend to do our own will. And if so Jesus will say “Get behind me satan”. Which one do we choose?!!

Good Luck!

Matias Darwin simanjorang


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